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Kashdan Brown Architects

Kashdan Brown Architects are a small architectural practice based in Batheaston. We believe in creating contextually responsive and sustainable contemporary architecture, which forms its inherent character from the materials used and the way the detail emerges.

Having both worked in larger organisations, our current practice is about taking on local work we want to do, doing it well, and establishing a close working relationship with our clients. We place great value in being involved in all projects from inception to completion with a hands-on approach to design and detail processes.

Together, we have combined expertise in urban design, consultancy, and development appraisal, as well as specialisms in design in historic environments and design quality and sustainability assessment, with representation on panels including the South West Design Review Panel.  

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UK Architects Declare: Climate and Biodiversity Emergency

As a practice, we have signed the Architects Declare commitment. This means that going forward we intend to evaluate all new projects against the aspiration to contribute positively to mitigating climate breakdown. This means using regenerative design principles and collaborating with engineers, contractors, and clients to reduce construction waste, use low embodied carbon materials, reduce embodied and operational resource use, and upgrading existing buildings to be more carbon efficient.


Our House is on Fire - The Kashdan Brown Family Blog

This blog is a climate action blog run by the whole Kashdan Brown Family. As part of their commitment to creating architecture and design that contributes positively to mitigating climate breakdown, Julia and Julian have an architecture section of the family blog, as well as contributing to other areas. Through this blog, they seek to share their research, and details about their ongoing environmentally-focused projects and endeavours

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