Kashdan Brown Architects Ltd

As a Qualified BREEAM Communities Assessor, Julian is able to offer a service of rigorous and objective scheme assessment for developers to assist in the achievement and demonstration of sustainable design. 
BREEAM Communities helps planners and developers to improve, measure and independently certify the sustainability of project proposals at the planning stage of the development process.  The importance of sustainable development is recognised by governments, planning authorities and developers alike, but steering development projects to actually deliver a coherent policy on sustainability that takes into account local targets is a complex business. To help local authorities, developers, planners and urban designers take account of the full range of issues that must be considered from the earliest stages of the development process, BRE Global created BREEAM Communities. It is designed to provide clear guidance and flexibility in its approach, yet is consistent and adaptable in its content. Use of the Assessment Method saves time and resources in the early stages when planners and developers want to determine what issues need to be addressed and provides solutions to their implementation downstream.

Julian was extensively involved in the working group to produce the South West Sustainability Checklist, these previous regional sustainability checklists are assessment tools that have been adapted and approved within the BREEAM Communities method.